What is the #30in30?


What is a guided reboot?

A guided reboot allows The Juicy Rx to work with a smaller group of clients in a more one on one setting. You receive the most updated juice recipes, tips, motivational points, and daily emails. There is a weekly check in and you can contact Cici at any time for additional support.

What  do I receive?

Prep/Post Week for transition to a healthy lifestyle

3 Weekly Juice and Meal Plans that include all recipes and shopping lists.

 Reboot group for ongoing support from other rebooters.


30 Daily Emails from The Juicy Rx.

Do I need a juicer?

Yes the program works best with a juicer.

 The guided reboot is designed to not only help you lose weight, but to take control of your health, too often we become support systems and caregivers for others and put our own health on the back burner. The guided reboot allows you the chance to say I am important and I control my health. It allows you the opportunity to break bad habits, conquer cravings and temptations. The guided teaches you that you must care for yourself first before you can be take the best care of others. It's a chance to deal with emotional triggers, learn to make time for exercise and self care. 30 Days will pass regardless why not spend it working toward a healthier you. 

Written by Cici G. — February 25, 2015

JuicyTuesday-Black Widow

Hello lovely people!!!! Today's recipe comes with an extra dose of goodness. Black Widow, contains a great detoxer, activated charcoal. Combine it with agave, lemons, and filtered water and you have a detox powerhouse. 
What You Need:
2-3 Lemons
16 ounces of  filtered water
2 Tbsp. agave nectar or more to taste
1 Rounded Tbsp. Activated charcoal.
Juice lemons and add to water, followed by agave and charcoal. Be sure to shake well to fully dissolve to avoid grit. :) 

Written by Cici G. — March 03, 2015

What is the Dirty 30?

March Madness!
The Dirty 30 plan is back for the spring! 
The Dirty 30 plan features:
1 Detox Week-No Meat, Focused on Juices/Smoothies and Vegetarian Meals
3 Weeks of Low Carb Meals and Juices/Smoothies
Weekly Exercise Challenges
Support Group based through Facebook. 
*Note, plan will not be on autofill until the evening of 2/25 when the early bird special, ends. Plans will be manually emailed that night. Early bird will be 2/23-2/25 $10 off after $35.*
To sign up:

T-Shirt Campaign

TShirt Campaign has been launched!!!! Show off your Juicy Lifestyle! All styles go up to 5X, except tank which goes up to 2XL.
Followers receive a $5 off discount, enter :ORANGEJUIC at checkout.

www.teespring.com/thejuicyrx to order yours today! Campaign ends in 1 week!

Do You Need a Detox?

Are you feeling tired? Achy? Low on energy? Can't quite think as clearly? Does it take you a while to get up in the morning? Maybe it's time for a spring detox. A detox will help you lose weight, think more clearly, be more productive, and experience more energy and strength to complete daily activities.
Detoxing allows your body the time to rest and reset, whether you choose to eat fruits and veggies, make smoothies or juice them you are giving your body the best fuel to heal itself. 
Detoxes can be from 3 to 30 days, feel free to email thejuicyrx@gmail.com if you are interested in reboot coaching or a customized plan. 

Written by Cici G. — February 22, 2015

How to Pick a Juicer?

With so many juicers out there it can be hard to sift through and find what brand really will work for you without trial and error. These are my suggestions for deciding on the one right for you.
Questions to ask yourself:
  1. What’s my budget?
With a juicer you want to get the most you can affordably. There are some juicers that start round $30-45. The Hamilton Beach and Black and Decker are examples of these, but these models don’t stand up well to heavy juicing. You will also get very little juice from green vegetables, so although cheap, you waste more in having to buy additional produce to make enough juice.  For a decent juicer, expect to spend around $80-100. One beginner model I recommend is the top right, the Breville Compact juicer.
2) How often do you want to store/make juice?

Juicers are broken into two main categories, on the left the high-speed/centrigual juicers and on the right the masticating/slow juicers. If you are up to the task of juicing each day fresh, the high speed juicers will suit your needs. Since the juice will be used the same day you wouldn’t have to worry about oxidation or losing nutrients. However, if you want to juice in larger batches and perhaps juice every 2-3 days, you would want to invest in a slow/masticating juicer. These juicers take longer to make, but are low heat, so the nutrients last longer and you are able to store 48-72 hours.
3) How much counter space do you have or will you be storing the juicer?
Compact juicers don’t take up much space, but if you have limited counter space or will be keeping the juicer out of sight, you want to pick something that won’t be bulky or heavy.
4) How much does it take to clean up?
This is one thing that gets many people. cleanup should be simple or you will find yourself dreading it. Check reviews of the machine you are considering and see what others have to say. If possible search the model you are considering on Youtube so you can see it in action before making a decision.
Brands I recommend:
High-Speed(in the pic)
Breville Compact Fountain
Breville High Speed Fountain
Dash 2 Speed Juicer
Slow Juicers:
Omega Vert
Breville Slow Juicer
Omega J8006
Check the sites or amazon.com

30 Day Reboot-Ground Zero

Ground Zero
Well its time to kick off the 30 Day Reboot. I'll be honest, I've been an emotional wreck for most of this week, just so many things coming and going and though I hated it, I got in my feelings. I feel so blessed to be where I am and happy to have what I need to complete this reboot. Today is Ground Zero also known as Get Your Mind Right day.Its the time to make sure you are ready for what the program entails. Do you have your juicer, jars, journal and mapped out your to make time for  the next 30 days   ?                                     
 Its going to be a journey, lets make it a great one!

Fasting for February

I guess this would be considered my first real blog post :) and what better way to kick off the site than with something that is near and dear to my heart. February is the shortest month of the year but for me it also holds some of the hardest memories. Two years ago on Valentine's Day ,I was diagnosed with a Stage 4 uterine cancer. To this day I can still remember the devastating way I felt when my gyno casually delivered the news, and still wish to wring his scrawny neck but I digress. I had a hard journey ,but I can thankfully say that I am cancer free and now blessed to be doing what I love. February 2015 will also add a happy event to my lifeline and that is going full time with my business The Juicy Rx and health coaching. If you follow me on Instagram @thejuicyrx you can see more of my journey and why I chose to create The Juicy Rx. Juicing has done so much for me not only while undergoing chemotherapy, but dealing with the residual side effects as well as changing the lives of others around me.
For February instead of choosing to be sad, I celebrate my journey with a full juice fast. Juicing helps me focus on my goals, give my body ample nutrition in a supercharged way and give myself some much needed rest. So if you are participating in my February challenge, I'm right here with you so make sure you check back often for extra recipes and tips throughout the month. 
Live, Love, Juice

Written by Cici G. — January 30, 2015

Juicing FAQs

The Juicy RX FAQs

I get a lot of questions about juicing on Instagram so here are a few FAQs. 
1. What is juicing?
Juicing uses a machine to turn veggies and fruit into an easy drinkable form.
2. Why juice instead of green smoothies?
I started juicing when I was undergoing chemotherapy. Up until then I used my Nutribullet on a pretty regular basis and loved green smoothies. Chemo though made me nauseous most of the time and to be honest I was a little depressed so my appetite was shot when I wasn’t nauseous. Juicing gave me a way of being able to get all of my nutrients and vitamins into one glass. That way if it was a day I was having a hard time keeping something down I still had all of my nutrition bases covered.
Since the fruits and veggies were already in liquid form my body did not have to work to break them down which for my chemo course was perfect.

3. What is a juice fast?
A juice fast is replacing all meals with a veggie/fruit juice for a set amount of time. Some people do 3 day weekend cleanses for quick reboots and some people can go up to 30-60 days on a full juice fast. As with anything if you have any health concerns you should check with your doctor before doing a fast. 
4. How much weight has you lost?
Somewhere around 130 lbs but I started hormone therapy at the beginning of 2014 to combat early onset menopause (I'm 28), so I regained due to the medication. My goal for this year is to complete a 60 day fast and lose 60 more lbs. I’ve been juicing as a supplement to my daily meals for nearly a year now and have done 2 10 Day Fasts and one 30 Day Fast. I juice just about everyday.
5. Doesn’t chemotherapy make you lose weight automatically?
Nope. Chemo is a truly double sided sword. It makes you nauseous and low on energy so you are given steroids to combat that. The steroids make you gain weight ridiculously easy, even though your food intake may be much smaller.
6. What type of juicer do you recommend for beginners?
check my previous post on choosing a juicer. If you’re in it for the long haul I recommend going for a Breville.
7. How long can I fast?
For beginners I recommend 5 days to begin with. The reason for that is days 3-4 can be horrible due to detox symptoms so some people may end it early without reaping the full benefits.
8. What’s the longest you can go?
Without support I don’t suggest anything over 30 days, though some people go 60 or more days.
9. How much do I need to drink daily? At a minimum 64 ounces or more if you feel hungry. Juicing is not a time when less is more. If you don’t drink enough your body will hold onto weight and go into starvation mode. You can juice up to a gallon of green juice a day. 
10. What type of juicer do you use?
I have two, a Breville 5 Speed which I recommend for serious home use, I mainly use a Norwalk cold presser for myself and clients though.Breville makes a great range of models though so most can find something within their range to fit budget and needs. 
11. How much juice do your recipes make?Where do you get your recipes?
16-20 ounces depending on your juicer, and the recipes I use are pretty much what I've learned from trial and error over the last year and a half, but there are plenty of juicing books you can find on amazon, and many bookstores.
12. Can I chew gum while fasting?
13. Can I exercise?
Yes, no intensive weight lifting or high intensity cardio but you can still workout moderately while fasting but listen to your body.
14. Are herbal teas required?
No they are a great way to give you a variety of tastes but if you’re not a tea person that’s ok. No coffee while fasting. I recommend the Yogi Brand Tea for fasting and they have many different flavors, if you need sweetness try to use Stevia only. 
15. I feel nauseous, why?
Nausea is one of the most common detox symptoms along with headaches and feeling tired. Keep in mind that as you fast your body is doing a major cleanup process so make sure you drink enough water to keep the toxins flushed out and the feeling will pass in a few days.
16. Can I just buy premade juices and fast on those?
No. Brands I recommend in a pinch are Blueprint, Ardens Garden, Evolution Fresh, and Its Raaw are what’s available in my area. Most health food stores, Earthfare, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods probably carry others just look for Cold Pressed juices. Naked and Bolt house are not good choices. Even with the ones mentioned you should aim for no more than 1 a day. Commercial juice companies tend to go heavy on the fruit and when fasting you want your juices to be mainly vegetables.
17. How do you store and how long can you store your juices?
I use a cold press juicer so that my juices don’t oxidize as quickly. Heat kills nutrients. My personal preference is to store juices 48-72 hours. I use glass bottles and mason jars to store them. Fill them to the top and seal.
18. What do you do for protein?
A common misconception is that juicing removes all the protein which it doesn’t only fiber. You can also add chia seeds, ground flax seeds, hemp protein and hemp hearts for additional protein.
19. Do you take any supplements?
Currently B12, Maca and Manetabolism.
20. Can I fast while pregnant or nursing?
No. As always consult your doctor but a full juice fast is not recommended while nursing or pregnant.

Hope that helps and Happy Juicing!

Live Life Green,


Written by Cici G. — January 25, 2015

Thanks for Checking Out The New Site

Enjoy this discount code KJAFUCICY8TG for $10 off the February Program. (Discount ends midnight 01/25) :) Stay tuned for more great things to come.


Enjoy this discount code KJAFUCICY8TG for $10 off the February Program. :) Stay tuned for more great things to come.


Live,Love and Juice! 



Written by Cici G. — January 21, 2015